Family Medicine

Emilie Michael, FNP

State University of New York


With a family deeply rooted in healthcare, my journey into this field felt inevitable. I’ve always loved connecting with people and couldn’t see myself working in a cubicle.

Mountain Park became my professional home because it aligns perfectly with my values of integrated care and a patient-centered approach. When you come to see me, you can expect warmth, open communication, and a commitment to treating you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms. One of the most significant lessons I’ve learned in healthcare is the importance of patience and active listening.

I value the unique perspectives and experiences that each individual brings to work. A diverse team also serves the patient because it helps us understand and appreciate each patients’ history.

Outside of my medical career, I like to travel, rock climb, bake and spend time with my dogs, Lucy and Lhotse. My adventurous spirit is reflected in my personal life as well—my partner and I got married on a cliffside beach in Maine before embarking on a honeymoon filled with climbing and exploration in Acadia National Park. We even have photos of us climbing in our wedding clothes!