Internal Medicine

Emily Roberts, PA-C

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences


I’m a Certified Physician Assistant practicing Internal Medicine at our Baseline Clinic. Originally from Wisconsin, I love to travel and had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain! I knew I wanted a career in healthcare after volunteering at a free walk-in clinic. This was my first exposure to healthcare and began to help ensure equal access to all.

When I moved to Arizona, I discovered that Mountain Park Health Center was a perfect fit. I felt there was a sense of community within the organization itself. Mountain Park’s community events, food distribution, transportation services, and overall attention to the needs of our patients inside and outside of the consultation were all reasons for wanting to join such a dedicated team!

When patients come see me, they will feel comfortable and listened to. Being comfortable is the best way to establish honest communication and allows patients to feel they can ask all the questions they want. I believe that diversity is important, and you can learn something from everyone, so we should all treat everyone with respect no matter what their background.

Taking time to decompress after work is important, so I go for walks or to the gym. I also like hiking and spending time with loved ones including the family pet.