Family Medicine

Faith Lopez-Flores, PA

Pacific University


My goal is to be an advocate for the underserved. At the end of my grandfather’s life, I recognized that he was not receiving proper care, so this motivated me to always know and advocate for patients’ rights and uphold the highest standards in healthcare.

I want to listen to my patients, so I encourage them to lead the visit genuinely collaborate. As a medical team, we should always strive to demonstrate that we embrace diversity to help patients feel more welcome and respected.

My journey to a healthier lifestyle now includes meditating, yoga, outdoor activities, playing basketball, and jumping rope, which I’ve been doing for several years. I joined a Facebook group that brings together jump rope fans, and I’ve even learned a few tricks! My love for playing basketball took me to the Nike Nationals in 2015, and my team won second place.

This leads me to one of my other favorite things – traveling any chance I get! There is so much to learn traveling throughout the country and abroad. I enjoy learning about different cultures, so my next adventure will likely involve an international trip.