Jaela Cabrera-McDonald, PNP

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing


She/Her, They/Them

Growing up, my pediatrician was a positive role model for me. I found that I was a natural caretaker and that lead me to healthcare. I love the Integrated Health model here at Mountain Park and the organization is really respected in the community, so I moved from Virginia to come here.

I strive for collaborative care with my patients and always want to make sure they are fully involved. I want to make healthcare as accessible for them as possible, so I use lots of different resources like handouts and websites and demonstrations. Education is so important, especially in pediatrics.

I champion health equity. Our social identities play a big role in our healthcare, so I maintain an openness about gender and sexuality and family styles and dynamics. We all have value and there are lots of things about our whole selves that aren’t always obvious.