Integrated Health

Jessica Leslie, RD

Jessica Leslie, RD

Education: Arizona State University

Clinic: Tempe

I’m originally from New Jersey, but have lived in Arizona since I was six years old, so I consider this my home. I found out about Mountain Park through an internship when I was here for a week. What I loved about it is that this organization would have been a place where my family would have gone to when I was young.

It’s important to understand and listen to our patients and I think by being compassionate and understanding toward them, you can get them to open up and help them where help is needed most.

I am married and we have a son. My husband is extremely supportive and an amazing partner for raising our son together. When I’m not at work, I make it a priority to spend time with just them, just disconnecting from work.

It’s important for me to learn about other cultures, how people live and what they need specifically. Everyone is different and care needs to be tailored to the individual person.