Integrated Health

Jessica Limón, LCSW

Arizona State University


Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to help people. Growing up I watched my mom, a single mother, work in a social service job and saw how much joy she got from it. I knew that when I was able to, I wanted to go to school to help people in their everyday lives. Social work is such a broad practice and I love that I get to offer people not only tools and skills to support their mental health, but that I can also offer knowledge and resources for various other hardships.  

Mountain Park’s integrated healthcare model allows us to identify potential mental health challenges and barriers to care early on in the doctor’s office and intervene quickly. I am passionate about this preventative model and find that I can meet someone with compassion and care and give them immediate tools as well as long term resources for their mental and physical health journey. 

I was born and raised in Arizona. In my spare time I enjoy watching the desert sunsets, reading, yoga, and plant shopping.