John Howard, PharmD

John Howard, PharmD

University of Cincinnati


I majored in biochemistry in college, and I found that working in a lab was a lot less fulfilling than working with people. I got a job as a pharmacy tech and loved how the pharmacist was able to help people.

My favorite part about working at Mountain Park is the wide variety of patients. I really get to see just how diverse Phoenix is. I also speak Spanish and it’s great to work somewhere that I can really utilize that skill.

My number one rule as a healthcare provider is to meet my patients where they are. I always want to make sure they are comfortable with a treatment plan and we’re on the same page. That’s the best way I can help them improve and learn more about health. Healthcare isn’t a one size fits all model. The best type of medicine is focused and tailored to a particular patient.

I’m a huge movie buff, so when I’m not working, I love watching movies. I also enjoy trying new restaurants and try a new taco place every Friday.