Integrated Health

Kyra Artise, RD

Kyra Artise, RD


University of the Incarnate World
University of Arizona


When I was young, I really wanted to be a teacher because I believed that teachers play an important role in peoples’ lives. As a Registered Dietitian, I’m still an educator but now for my patients. What made me decide to work in healthcare was that I wanted to help people, which now is part of my everyday life. Mountain’s Park Integrated Health Model means patients have all they need in one place. Here, I’m able to work and learn from experts from different fields to help our patients get and stay healthy.

My family is very close and all of them are in Phoenix. I have a 6-year old cat named Pumba. I love to travel and hike. I spent two months in Peru and loved the culture, people, the mountains and the history. Most people might not know that I would be a crazy cat lady, if I could be.

I believe there is something special in everyone. If something seems hard, just look inside yourself!