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Lauren Auditore, RD

University of Alabama


I work in healthcare because I love helping others and want people to be in their best health. As a child, I thought I wanted to be a vet, but I also wanted to be a nurse like my mom, which is how I fell in love with nutrition.

I came to Mountain Park Health Center because I enjoy working with the population they serve. The community needs more resources and education, which I can provide. The community we serve at Mountain Park is more prone to diabetes and hypertension, and many don’t receive the education they need.

When I see a patient, they can expect me to try and make them laugh. I’m not there to pick apart their diet. I help them find at least one thing that can be done to improve their health. I like to create a good rapport, get to know the patient, and understand their whole story. When I’m not working, I love to cook, go to the gym, do yoga, and hang out with my friends.