Integrated Health

Mary Betsy Hunt, RD

Mary Betsy Hunt, RD

Arizona State University


Growing up, I didn’t know how to eat healthy, and I think that contributed to not doing well in school and having low self-esteem. So, when I did learn about nutrition, I thought it was something I could use to help others. I’m a really empathetic person and I felt there was a need for dietitians with empathy and that is what led me to healthcare. I love being at Mountain Park because of the integrated healthcare model. Having the full healthcare team all in one place to help each other out is really great.

I want my patients to be able to talk with me openly and honestly. There is no such thing as perfect. We’re all human and my goal is to help my patients reach whatever goals they have. I want to be the best guide possible for them.

I really enjoy cooking. It’s something I found out about myself when I became a dietitian. If I wasn’t working in healthcare I would probably be a chef.