Randolph “Randy” Rody

Retired Police Commander, Surprise Police Department


I recently retired from a career in public service and have been eager to continue to work for the benefit of the public in any way possible. That’s why I was happy to say yes when my good friend and fellow Mountain Park Board Member, Dr. Michael Stewart, asked me if I was interested in joining this board. The more I learned about Mountain Park and the organization’s deliberate efforts to help the public and get healthcare into the communities where it’s needed most, the more it felt like a perfect fit for me. I’m very committed to serving the public, and being a part of this board is a great opportunity to do that.

I’ve had a very diverse career working in public safety. I’ve spent time in the military, working in government and politics, safety planning, crime prevention, and awareness. I’ve talked to a lot of different people through my work, and I’m confident there isn’t a group of people I can’t speak to or relate to.

My first goal as a Mountain Park’s Board of Directors member is to learn as much as I can about the organization. I want to understand what is being done, how it’s being done and why it’s being done and then from there see how I can contribute. I believe mental and physical health is the foundation of everything we do. In my last few years as a first responder, there was a lot of emphasis on wellness and mental health. What is so great about Mountain Park is that all these resources are available in one place. The more convenient things are, the more likely the public is to get things taken care of.

Outside of my public safety career, I really enjoy working with my hands. Everything from landscape to furniture and vehicle restoration. I love fixing and building things. I’m also a biker. Riding my bike is like therapy to me.