Family Medicine

Rebecca Torres NP

Rebecca Torres, FNP-C

Chamberlain University of Nursing


I really want to make a difference and I love people, so a career in healthcare was an obvious choice. I was interested in getting into community health and Mountain Park has a great healthcare model, so I was excited to come work here.

My patients can expect that I’ll take time to listen to them and really hear and understand their concerns. I’m going to treat them with respect and care. I’m here to help them be their best selves.

Healthcare is a job that is never done. So, when I am at home with my family I make it a point to be present with them. By separating my work time from my home, I’m able to give both of those things my full attention when I’m there.

If I wasn’t in healthcare, I would definitely be helping people in some way. I can’t imagine doing anything else.