Tuyet Nguyen, PharmD

University of Wisconsin – Madison 


It’s my philosophy that everyone should have access to affordable, quality and compassionate healthcare. This is one of the main reasons I pursued a career in the medical field. Mountain Park’s Medical Home structure really stood out to me because I feel like this model furthers this mission. 

When a patient is in consultation with me, they can expect me to make them laugh! They should also know that I will listen to their stories and always do what’s best for them. I completed my undergrad degree at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and did my residency at El Rio Health in partnership with the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. 

If I weren’t working in healthcare, I would probably be a food critic. I learned my favorite food was Thai food when I was studying abroad in Thailand and ate meals with my host family. I love watching Master Chef and my dream job would be trying different foods for a living!