Wajeh Khan

Wajeh Khan

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I was born in Mumbai, India, and immigrated to Canada when I was 6 years old. I was raised in Toronto and started school as an English Language Learner, and years later completed my undergraduate degree in finance and went on to get an MBA. I am also a Six Sigma Black Belt in process improvement.

My career in finance has provided opportunities for me to work in different industries including oil and gas, consumer packaged goods, and media. I currently work at an energy solutions company that provides efficient and smart energy management technology across multiple states.

At Mountain Park, I will work closely with the Chief Financial Officer, Sandra Curtice, and hope to apply my knowledge in finance to help the organization to continue to grow and serve more people. Everyone should have the same access to health care and Mountain Park is helping make that happen.

I married my wife in 1996, and soon after, my career brought me to the United States.  I have two daughters and enjoy going on family vacations. My Canadian roots have given me a great love for hockey. When not watching it on television, I like to play hockey.

I am excited to be part of the Mountain Park board to ensure equal access to affordable health care for all.