Jennifer Beitel, LCSW

Education:    Clinic: Baseline

Nicole Cota, NP

Education: Grand Canyon University Clinic: Baseline Working in healthcare is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. Even when it’s tough, there has never been another career I want to do. I was referred to Mountain Park by a friend who worked here and loved it. Everyone is so welcoming and it’s a really great place to be. I … Read More

Natasha Makarova, MD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Baseline  I have wanted to be a doctor since I was a little kid. Working with the community is important to me and that is what drew me to Mountain Park. One of my goals is to make sure every patient is heard and listened to. I believe that is the best way to connect … Read More

Blanca Vargas Soto, APDH

Education: Phoenix College Clinic: Baseline When I was a kid, everyone was always afraid to go to the dentist, but when I would go, I never thought it was bad. I wanted to help other people feel more comfortable about going to the dentist which is why I decided to pursue a career in dental healthcare. Oral care is directly … Read More

Mercy, George, FNP

Education: Grand Canyon University Clinic: Baseline My sister first sparked my interest in healthcare. She used to be a nurse and would tell me stories about her experiences. I love to help people and healthcare sounded like a great place to do that. Being at Mountain Park, I love that I’m able to serve the community and provide them with … Read More

Xenia Cabey-Molinar, MD

Education: University of Panama Clinic: Baseline From a young age, I always knew what I liked and that was science and serving people. I stuck with that and ended up getting a full ride scholarship to the University of Panama Medical School. I owned my own practice for almost 30 years and I decided I wanted to spend my last … Read More

Diana Kirby, LCSW

Education: Arizona State University Clinic: Baseline I was a stay-at-home-mom before I got into healthcare, and once I started, I knew I wanted to be a part of an integrated healthcare team like what we have here at Mountain Park. I love being able to help serve our community. I believe in treating the whole person rather than just focusing … Read More

Van Lieu, PharmD

Education: University of the Sciences Philadelphia Clinic: Baseline Throughout my entire life, I’ve always wanted to help people. That’s why I got into healthcare. I have a lot of passion for Mountain Park’s mission and serving our community. Every patient’s needs are unique and specific to them, so I listen and empathize with them as much as possible. I want … Read More

Chyi Wei, MD

Education:    Clinic: Baseline

Manyil Dashe, RD

Education: Rush University Medical Center Clinic: Baseline I knew I wanted to be in healthcare and nutrition from a young age. My mom taught me about the importance of food and how it can be used to heal and fuel the body. I was attracted to Mountain Park because of the way the whole team works together to provide our … Read More