Manyil Dashe, RD

Education: Rush University Medical Center Clinic: Baseline I knew I wanted to be in healthcare and nutrition from a young age. My mom taught me about the importance of food and how it can be used to heal and fuel the body. I was attracted to Mountain Park because of the way the whole team works together to provide our … Read More

Heather Weninger, RD

Education  University of Arizona Clinic Baseline I love working with people and being able to care for and help others is what motivated me to get into healthcare. I was really attracted to Mountain Park because of the community aspect, working closely with community members and being able to follow up with them. I like to have fun and try … Read More

Long Nguyen, PharmD

Education University of Arizona Clinic Baseline I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field. My uncle was a doctor and that helped influence me. I enjoy taking care of people. I have a child with special needs and know the importance of providing the best care possible. I was an intern at Mountain Park and really enjoyed the opportunity … Read More

Tony Ludden, PharmD

Education: Midwestern University Clinic: Baseline A pilot, that’s what I wanted to be when I was little – I was fascinated with airplanes! Then as I got older, I realized I wanted to do things to help people. I thought about being a teacher, or social worker, but decided on health care. Mountain Park is a great fit because I really … Read More

Isha Shah, PharmD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Baseline When I decided to get into healthcare, I chose pharmacy because I like being available to patients without an appointment and provide direct patient care. It’s especially great working here at Mountain Park because I’m able to work with physicians, registered dietitians, and behavioral health consultants to provide whole patient care. Healthcare is a … Read More

Jade Hoang, PharmD

Board CertifiedEducation: University of California Clinic: Baseline My parents used to take me to the local pharmacy to get help from the pharmacist, so ever since then I wanted to become a pharmacist. I like the interaction with patients, and I love to help them understand their health so they can follow their regimens. At Mountain Park, I love our … Read More

Julie Nguyen, PharmD

Education: Midwestern University   Clinic: Baseline I got into healthcare because I wanted to help people have a better quality of life. I believe better health will lead to a better life and the integrated health model here at Mountain Park makes that easier. It brings all the healthcare professions together to provide the best outcomes for our patients. I … Read More

Sarah Kim, PharmD

Education: University of California Clinic: Baseline I feel like I wanted to be so many different things when I was little. As the older sister, I wanted to be a teacher because I was always teaching things to my brother. But during school, I became interested in pharmacy and the opportunity to educate the public about their health. Pharmacists are … Read More

Janese Smallwood,LCSW

Education: University of Iowa Clinic: Baseline Healthcare has always been my calling. I’ve tried other things but I just always come back to healthcare. I’ve worked in a few different counseling settings including school counseling, emergency room, and drug and alcohol counseling. I really love the integrated healthcare model here at Mountain Park. We can focus on the whole person. … Read More

Evelyn Coronado, RD

Education: Arizona State University Clinic: Baseline I am an Arizona Native and proud Sun Devil alumni. I believe that you must focus on something positive to get through life’s toughest moments. Through nutrition, I am able to bring hope for better health. By encouraging others to nourish their bodies with whole foods, so that they can live limitless, joyful, and … Read More