Stacy Lee, PharmD

When I was little, I wanted to be a writer because I loved books. But I then decided to pursue healthcare because I’d be able to help others. At Mountain Park, I love the patient population and our healthcare teams. I have a cat, and I like to play Tabletop games.

Monica Guerrero, RD

I have been interested in balanced eating since I first learned about the food pyramid in third grade. I was drawn to the different foods within each food group, and thought it was amazing that someone figured out how many servings of each food group people should eat daily for their health. As I grew, I never got tired of … Read More

Daniella Pedroso, PsyD

I first came to Mountain Park as a patient. It was during an important time in my life and really felt like my providers were there for me and gave me wonderful care. I felt extremely supported, so I went on to get my license and came back here to work. I believe that mind, body and social environment all … Read More

Sandeep Kaur, RD

My passion is to empower people to improve their quality of life by adopting healthy lifestyle. Mountain Park’s culture of diversity and inclusion and the feeling of being valued, included and respected by all attracted me to the organization. My husband is a pediatrician who had been a part of Mountain Park’s family for 8 years. I have 2 sons, … Read More

Michelle Galster, LCSW

I was born and raised in a small rural town in North Dakota and recently moved to AZ with my husband after becoming empty nesters. I’ve worked in various mental health capacities serving individuals, families, and the community. Working as a therapist in an integrated healthcare facility in Minot, ND was one of the things that attracted me to Mountain … Read More

Jordan Houtz, LCSW

I’ve always been a natural helper. I like social work because it’s a diverse approach to helping people. It includes behavioral, social, and mental health in a whole-person approach. My goal is to help patients be their best selves and I do that, first, by listening. People are the experts on their own lives, I just help them find ways … Read More