Amy Mandile, NP

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Maryvale I come from a long line of nurses. Both of my parents were in the medical field as well as other family members, so healthcare was always a part of my life. I worked in a hospital for about seven years and realized I really wanted to be more involved in the community. That’s … Read More

Patricia McDonnell, FNP

Education: Clinic: Goodyear

Stacy Lee, PharmD

Education: Midwestern University Clinic: Gateway When I was little, I wanted to be a writer because I loved books. But I then decided to pursue healthcare because I’d be able to help others. At Mountain Park, I love the patient population and our healthcare teams. I have a cat, and I like to play Tabletop games.

John Howard, PharmD

Education: University of Washington Clinic: Gateway I majored in biochemistry in college and I found that working in a lab was a lot less fulfilling than working with people. I got a job as a pharmacy tech and loved how the pharmacist was able to help people. My favorite part about working at Mountain Park is the wide variety of … Read More

Sandeep Kaur, RD

Education: Delhi University, Arizona State University Clinic: Maryvale My passion is to empower people to improve their quality of life by adopting healthy lifestyle. Mountain Park’s culture of diversity and inclusion and the feeling of being valued, included and respected by all attracted me to the organization. My husband is a pediatrician who had been a part of Mountain Park’s … Read More

Starla Schmidt, RD

Education: University of Arizona Clinic: Gateway

Monica Guerrero, RD

Education: Arizona State University Clinic: Gateway I have been interested in balanced eating since I first learned about the food pyramid in third grade. I was drawn to the different foods within each food group and thought it was amazing that someone figured out how many servings of each food group people should eat daily for their health. As I … Read More

Sarah Aldridge, PsyD

Education: Indiana State University Clinic: Gateway I have always really enjoyed helping people. It was something that just came naturally to me, so I wanted to do it as a career. That’s why I decided to go into healthcare. I love the integrated healthcare model at Mountain Park and being able to work closely with other providers. I put my … Read More

Shalona Connolly, RD

Education: University of Bridegeport, Boston University Clinic: Gateway