Family Medicine

Alana Pilon, NP

Grand Canyon University



I have been working in healthcare for the last 15 years and my goal has always been to help as many people as possible. I’m currently a Family Nurse Practitioner at our Tempe Clinic, which is where I trained and worked as a nurse practitioner student before joining Mountain Park. I loved the integrated model and the “one-stop-shop” philosophy, so I made it a goal to work at Mountain Park, too. I appreciate the resources made available to patients and to providers alike. 

Every decision is patient-centered, and I make clear communication and listening a top priority. All my patients will be seen, heard, taken care of, and I will advocate for them every chance I get. Overall wellness is something I incorporate into every facet of my life. I strive to live a healthy lifestyle by working out, eating healthy, and educating my family and community. I want to help people be their best self through health and education.  I’ve always wanted to have my own animal rescue and a farm. In fact, wanting to be a veterinarian was a close second as a career choice. I love all animals and have always adopted and fostered dogs and cats. I own a Golden Doodle, a Coton, and a cat, and spend my free time with the other members of my family – my three boys and husband. We all love hiking and all things outdoors. I also like Mexican and Italian food and would love to travel to Italy with my entire family.