Family Medicine

Annette Ricks, FNP

Education: Southern Illinois University

Clinic: Maryvale

I have always wanted to help people and I knew that healthcare was my passion from a very young age. Community health has always been a part of work and when I first read about Mountain Park, I knew I wanted to be here. I love the integrated care model and being a part of our patient’s overall care team.

I’ve faced a lot of challenges myself over the years and I understand pain, so I see myself as more than my patient’s healthcare provider, but also as a counselor. I want my patients to know that I am just like them, another human. We’re on the same level and I’m here to listen. I don’t ever want my patients to feel alone.

I am very calendar oriented and just like I have a schedule for my work life, I also have a schedule for my home life. When I don’t have appointments with patients, I have appointments to spend time with my family.