Cheri Figueroa

One of my biggest inspirations to get involved with Mountain Park Health Center and sit on the organization’s Board of Directors was the thought of being able to give back and provide for my community in a meaningful way. When I was granted the opportunity, I immediately joined the Board. I officially started January of 2024, and what I bring to the table is a unique point of view from a teenaged perspective.

I’m from Maryvale Village in Phoenix, Arizona and I love hiking, hanging out with my dogs, and playing video games. I’m interested in philosophy, zoology, sustainability, healthcare, and especially neuroscience! So naturally, one day I hope to be a neurologist. 

Creating a welcoming space for healthcare is super important to me. I had noticed that in the past, because of language barriers, my grandparents had been nervous about going to their medical appointments. But ever since they became patients at Mountain Park, they’ve been nothing but happy, healthy, and motivated to continue their path to wellness! By treating a patient as a person and not a number, we can connect healthcare to the entire community.