Joanna Andujar, MD

St. George’s University

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


I grew up in New York City with my mom, who was a single parent. Although my mom was a chef and I also completed culinary school, I was pulled more toward medicine, so I studied to become a doctor. I was always sick as a child, suffering from asthma and eczema. I spent too much time in the hospital, and my pediatrician, who was always there for me, ended up being like a father figure to me. I want children to be healthy, help them advance, and make sure they are educated and motivated. I strive to make sure our families have the opportunity to succeed and live happy healthy lives.

I am bilingual and understand the culture of the Latino community. I understand what it’s like to come from an unbalanced home, and I work with families to make sure children are given a chance to succeed. I have a 3-year old son, and I treat all of my patients as if they were my own children – one big family. That’s why I love Mountain Park, the feeling of inclusion, and our staff and patients being like family.

I want my son to appreciate everything in life, and even though he is young, we spend much of our free time volunteering in the community. I also love to sing, swim, run, cook and compete in salsa dancing.