Rosa Lopez, MD

Rosa Lopez, MD

UCLA Drew College of Medicine

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children


Before I became a doctor, I worked in a lab. I was really interested in genetic research and my employer recommended I go to medical school. I’ve worked as a hospitalist and in private practice, but I wanted to make a greater impact. I looked into a few community health centers and Mountain Park Health Center seemed like the best fit. I love the people here and we all share the same philosophy that everyone deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare.

As a pediatrician, it’s my job to work with the whole family including my patient’s parents. I like being able to give them reassurance about their children’s health. I’m not just here to prescribe medications, I also want to educate and explain why I’m making the decisions I make.

If I wasn’t working as a healthcare provider, I would definitely be doing research. I’d like to make new discoveries and find cures for illnesses.