Priya Vannarath, MD

Board Certified

Education: Calicut Medical College

Clinic: Baseline

I came to the United States from Kerala, India in 2002 after serving in a variety of medical positions overseas. It was my father’s ambition that I become a doctor because he wanted me to have as many opportunities as possible and I eventually grew to be very passionate about helping people achieve their health goals.

Working at Mountain Park’s Baseline Clinic gives me the opportunity to work in an environment where my patients really need my care. I love getting on a level with my patients where I truly get to know them and learn about their family and interests.

In my free time I enjoy reading, watching movies, and traveling with my husband, Unni, and our boys, Navanuth and Anirudh. Most recently we visited Ireland as a family and we hope to see Paris sometime in the next few years.