Family Medicine

Lindsey Huck, PA-C

Indiana State University


I discovered my passion for healthcare as a teenager. I was really close with my grandparents and when I was in high school, they struggled with some health issues. I lived right next to them and was always interested in what was going on with them and that’s when I realized I wanted to go into healthcare.

I love the team approach to healthcare that we have here at Mountain Park. It is so important to listen to our patients to truly provide them with the best care. Here at Mountain Park, I can hear them out and understand what their concerns are and then I can connect them with a behavioral health consultant or a registered dietitian or a clinical pharmacist. Whatever they need, we have it here for them.

Coming from Indiana, I was excited to see how many different hiking places there are here in Arizona. My husband and I love being outdoors and enjoy backpacking and camping.