Maria Talpos, RDH

Maria Talpos, RDH

Rio Salado College


I am a big people person and I love doing things that benefit others. That’s why I got into healthcare. I worked with a few people who work for Mountain Park now before coming here and everyone always spoke so highly of it, so I decided to make the switch myself.

I believe the more we can do to take care of our teeth before getting to the point of needing intervention, the better. Prevention is the best medicine. I want to make sure kids have good oral health habits so it’s important to me to make sure they are comfortable in their visits with me.

Working in healthcare has taught me you should never judge someone and always accept things as they come. I believe everyone is unique and we need to work together toward the common good for everyone.

There is nothing I would rather be doing than the work I’m doing now but if I wasn’t in healthcare I would probably be volunteering somewhere, doing something to help people.