Richard Siever

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Member since: 2022

I’ve lived my whole life in Arizona and am very passionate about the Valley and the different communities living here. Growing up, both of my parents worked in healthcare, and I’ve worked in healthcare for many years dealing with legal matters, compliance, and risk management. Because of my experiences both as a resident and professionally, I am very familiar with the healthcare resources in Arizona and Maricopa County, and I have a sense of what the community needs from a healthcare perspective.

I was drawn to Mountain Park because I feel strongly about the need for quality primary care that is also convenient for families. This organization can provide that and they’re doing it well. Mountain Park is not only a thoughtful healthcare provider, but they are also a good neighbor. They put a lot of thought and effort into the communities they serve and are intentional about understanding the needs of a particular neighborhood so they can provide the best care to that area. Not every area will have the same needs, and Mountain Park understands that.

The world is constantly changing, and with it, the needs of individuals and communities. My goal for Mountain Park is to keep up with those changes and continue to provide the best care possible to those it serves by continuing to invest in understanding what the public needs.

I love the desert and taking advantage of everything Arizona has to offer. I enjoy running, hiking and being outdoors, especially along the canal system around metropolitan Phoenix.