Our Services

Whether you need a wellness check-up, prenatal care or help for the common cold, Mountain Park is here to care for you and your whole family. At our clinics you can also get a COVID-19 test and your vaccine!
As your Patient Centered Medical Home, we do it all under one roof. We are open late and on weekends and are ready to serve you and your whole family!  Call us 24/7 to schedule an appointment. (602) 243-7277.

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How We're Different

Our team of health professionals always puts our patients first. Mountain Park patients have access to a Care Team made up of a primary care physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner, clinical pharmacist, behavioral health consultant and registered dietitian all in one exam room. With on-site services like lab and pharmacy, you’ll get the care you need all under one roof.


“When you go to a normal doctor’s office you are missing key parts of the team. It’s impossible for one doctor, one dietitian or one psychologist to know all the answers. That’s why having all of us together under one roof makes us stand out.”

- Jamie, Registered Dietitian at our Baseline Clinic