Without Mountain Park, I don’t know where I’d be

October 31, 2018 |

Juan Perez, a patient at our Gateway Clinic, wanted nothing more in his life than to be able to find a doctor that would help him control his high blood pressure, which he had been struggling with for many years. That’s when he discovered Mountain Park Health Center, Dr. Rachel Sy and an entire team of people who would help him reach his goal.

“I was going to doctors that were just prescribing medicine,” Juan said. “One day I had enough and thought ‘It’s time to change doctors.’ I felt like I needed someone who would give me more attention rather than just give me another prescription to take.”

At Mountain Park, Juan found a support system made up of his doctor, a registered dietitian, behavioral health consultant and a clinical pharmacist.

Juan has been seeing  Dr. Sy since he first came to Mountain Park. 

“Mountain Park is a great option for patients who are living with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure,” Rebeca Mora, Quality Coordinator said. “The care and the resources that are provided are more inclusive than if you were to go to a private practice.”

Juan is now doing better than ever because he took a chance and chose Mountain Park as his new doctor’s office.

“I’m finally getting my blood pressure to a place where I can feel better,” Juan said. “I waited a long time for this…Without this I don’t know where I would be.”

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