WIC Clients Can Be Patients Too

WIC Clients Can Be Patients Too

July 18, 2018 |

Mountain Park Health Center is the second largest WIC provider in the state, but many WIC clients that walk through our doors aren’t aware of all the services we provide. From our pediatric and women’s health departments to family medicine and pharmacy, we have all the services needed to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy.

Mountain Park is proud of our integrated healthcare model, giving you, our current or future patient access to healthcare under one roof. When visiting your primary care provider, you’ll also have access to our registered dietitians, behavioral health consultants and clinical pharmacists to focus on your healthcare needs.

“Recently our WIC team and the pediatric departments started working closer together,” Leticia Graham, WIC Program Administrator shared. “We wanted to help families in the community be aware of all the services Mountain Park offers.”

Rao and MA - MPHC Staff
From registered dietitians, dentists and doctors, we have all the healthcare services you need under one roof. 

Everyone that works inside the building wants to improve your health and make sure every child who visits our WIC department has access to a pediatrician. It’s important to start seeing a doctor at a young age to start living a healthy life early on.

Clemente Luevanos, Medical Assistant at our Maryvale Clinic, is one of the people you may meet when coming to your WIC appointment. He works for Mountain Park and is there to show and teach you about what services you can get at our clinic.

“With his outgoing personality and the ability to talk to anyone, Clemente is the right person to help our families,” Leticia said. “Other medical assistants from women’s health, family medicine and pediatrics at all our clinics are now helping us bridge that gap, helping WIC clients easily become Mountain Park patients.”

Dental Care Team
MPHC Staff assisting patient
Our entire Care Team works together to provide our patients with high-quality care. 

Having someone like Clemente there will give you a better understanding of what Mountain Park is all about.

“I am a dedicated Mountain Park employee and I also spend a lot of my day in the WIC department,” Clemente said. “It’s important for me to educate our already established patients and those who know nothing about us. Having someone right there to help our patients understand the importance of going to the doctor and actually showing them what we offer helps them visualize and get a feel for our clinic.”

Whether you are a WIC client or a patient at Mountain Park in need of WIC services, we have everything you need under one roof, making life easier for you and your entire family. There’s no need to travel to multiple locations to be seen. Next time you are visiting your WIC specialist, be sure to ask us about the medical services we provide!

For more information, please email info@mphc-az.org