Find Your Voice

October 17, 2017 |

Mountain Park Health Center is more than just a place to go for the common cold or an annual physical. We are a healthcare organization dedicated to focusing on the whole patient. We take pride in being a diverse and inclusive organization, and our clinics are a place where our patients and staff feel welcome and safe. Each year our Diversity Site Council Summit showcases the best of what makes our clinics and communities unique and provides an opportunity for productive discussion.

In response to local and national events that affected the mental wellbeing and quality of life for our patients and staff, the theme of our 7th Annual Diversity Site Council Summit was “Find Your Voice.”

It’s important for us to give our patients and staff tools to advocate on their own behalf. Our Summit allowed attendees to share their story in an effort to help them build the confidence to stand up and speak out.

MPHC staff during 7th Annual Diversity Site Council Summit
Participants worked together in a team and improved their listening skill.

“We wanted to give our staff, patients, and community partners a space to connect, share ideas and develop their abilities as advocates for healthier communities,” Gregorio Montes De Oca, Diversity and Community Affairs Manager said. “We are aware of the ongoing conversation on healthcare as well as the potential negative impact on the health of our patients as a safety net service provider. Therefore, we are proactively engaging our stakeholders and providing tools to increase their confidence and abilities as advocates.”

For many, finding your own voice can be scary. What does it mean to find your own voice? To some it means standing up and advocating for something bigger. To others, it’s as simple as having a conversation at the bus stop or a coffee shop with a stranger and sharing ideas or concerns. This is what our Summit was all about – giving our attendees the opportunity to share their stories and ideas in a safe, judgment-free space. Rachel Egboro, Storyteller and Cofounder of The Storyline emphazised the importance of storytelling. She made the participants see how important it is to share your own story with others every day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you.

“Storytelling helps bring empathy,” said Rachel. “That helps people put themselves in the shoes of others, especially those we are caring for. It makes us better caregivers of each other and the person across the table from us.”

If you’re looking for ways to have your voice heard, get involved with Mountain Park by becoming an advocate, a volunteera donor, or click here to learn about and join our Diversity Site Council.

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