A Perfect Combination of Healthcare and Informatics

December 03, 2020 |

The care we provide our patients goes far beyond their appointments in our clinics. The current health crisis we are all working through has shown us just how important accurate data and information can be. Since our response to COVID-19 began, there is much more we have to keep track of including how many patients and staff have been tested for COVID-19, how many positive results we have received, and constantly making sure our PPE and medical supplies are in stock. The Clinical and Business Intelligence team has been responsible for collecting all that information. Helping lead the team is Clinical and Business Intelligence Architect, Shubhangi.

Shubhangi has been with Mountain Park since 2016 starting as a database developer extracting numbers and data, and has grown into testing workflows, building reports and helping outside partners by providing complex data for research projects.

“The architect role is a lead position,” said Shubhangi. “I work as a liaison between the clinical, operational, grants, research, and other departments and the informatics team to help ensure everyone is getting the information they need. I also work a lot with the Clinical Applications and Training team testing workflows, checking for any glitches and identifying areas of improvement.”

Shubhangi with Nurse Practitioner Maureen Welsh Director of Clinical Quality

Growing up in India, Shubhangi always had an interest in healthcare and her parents wanted her to become a doctor, but she found herself more interested in data and analytics.

Shubhangi receiving her Master’s degree in Information Systems

“In 2014, I moved to the United States on my own to work on my master’s degree in Information Systems,” said Shubhangi. “I found Mountain Park and it was the perfect combination of healthcare and informatics.”When Shubhangi first joined the team, there was a lot for her to learn to get to where she is today.

“I had to learn all about eCW and the backend database in just a few months,” said Shubhangi. “Thankfully I had a lot of help from Alana, Dr. Singh, Maureen, Amy and Liz Cobb. Maureen, our clinical quality director taught me a lot about validating the data and showed me the importance of checking everything multiple times.”Perseverance and finding opportunities in a difficult situation is something Shubhangi learned at a young age with the support of her family.

“I’m from a very small state in India that is not very developed,” she said. “Girls’ education is not a priority where I’m from, but my parents, family and especially my uncle have always supported me in furthering my education and gave me the freedom to choose and pursue the life I want for myself.”

That ability to work through difficult situations is what has helped Shubhangi thrive in her position here at Mountain Park.

That ability to work through difficult situations is what has helped Shubhangi thrive in her position here at Mountain Park.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put Shubhangi and the Informatics team to the test and given them plenty of data problems to solve.

“This summer was a really busy time,” said Shubhangi. “There were so many reports and dashboards we needed to develop and publish, workflows to test, and had to share as much information and insights as possible since the pandemic began.”

Working through the beginning of the pandemic was tough for all of us, but good teamwork and support from loved ones helped Shubhangi manage.

“Along with my team being helpful and appreciative, there was someone who helped me mentally overcome the pandemic isolation and be strong, my fiancé, soon to be husband,” said Shubhangi. “2020 was a different kind of year for everyone. Personally, it has been a very challenging year, on both professional and personal fronts, but I learned more on how to get through difficult situations”

Knowing that she is making an impact in our patient’s lives and improving their quality of care has also kept Shubhangi motivated through this difficult time.

“Without ever physically touching a patient, Shubhangi has learned very quickly how important a provider’s work is and how to collect data surrounding that work. Working in the background, her outstanding data collection makes a great impact on patient care,” said Maureen Welsh, Director of Clinical Quality.

“I really love working here and working with this team,” said Shubhangi. “If I’m ever stuck, I know I can reach out and someone will help me, and I know our patients are getting good care in the end because we’re all working together. That really motivates me.”

Staying optimistic and motivated has been tough at times but Shubhangi understands that if we all lean on each other and work together, we can get through anything.

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