“I love interacting with our patients”

September 30, 2022 |


Something we repeatedly hear from our patients is that the kindness of our staff is what keeps them coming back to our clinics. Kathy, a foster mom who brings all her kids to our Baseline Clinic, says smiling, familiar faces like Customer Service Representative Melissa Espinoza ARE what makes her so comfortable bringing her kids to Mountain Park.

“I love interacting with our patients,” said Melissa. “We really get to know each other, recognize faces and become friends.” Melissa has been working at Mountain Park for more than 10 years. She started in medical records before we switched to an electronic record system. When we moved away from paper charts, Melissa transitioned into her role as a CSR. “I’ve worked at different jobs and just couldn’t find myself there,” she said. “When I was offered an opportunity to come here, I took it and immediately loved it. I love helping people, I love coming to work, and I love my team.”

The care and passion Melissa brings to work is the same way she approaches her home life. Melissa, a mother of five, says everything she does is for her kids. “I’m so in love with my children,” she said. “I’m passionate about living life and just being happy. I figure if I’m happy and they are happy, I’m winning.”

At home, Melissa works with her kids to ensure everyone’s happiness. That sense of teamwork is also what makes her such a great asset to the team here at Mountain Park.

“The team is consistently amazed by Melissa’s performance and positive attitude,” said Shanice Ayon, Pediatric Operations Manager at our Baseline Clinic. “She represents the organization’s Guiding Principles, especially making time for human connection. We are proud to have her on our team.”

Melissa with her family

As we all know, working in healthcare can come with its hardships. However, caring for our patients is at the heart of everything we do.

“We really get to know our patients, and I can tell when something is off,” Melissa said. “I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can, but we can’t just go out into the lobby and talk to them about what they might be experiencing. That is private information that should be discussed in an exam room.”

One of the best things about Mountain Park for both our employees and our patients is our Care Teams. Having an integrated healthcare model makes it possible to provide better overall care to our patients.

“We have so many resources to offer,” said Melissa. “When I can’t talk directly to the patient, I can talk to their provider and let them know what I’m noticing so our providers can get more information and ensure our patients are getting the care they need.”


Having a good team you can rely on makes any job better.

“My coworkers really motivate me,” Melissa said. “Coming to work, I know I’m not going to be stressed. We get our jobs done, but we make it fun. Having this wonderful team makes my job easy.”

With caring and compassionate employees like Melissa, it’s not hard to see what keeps patients coming back.

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