Jazmin in action in clinic

Meet Jazmin: From Patient to Medical Assistant

July 26, 2016 |

Mountain Park is a place many call home. Our staff often fall in love with the care they provide and become patients, and it’s not uncommon to see one of our patients join our team. Jazmin Carmona, a Medical Assistant at our Gateway Clinic, decided to work for Mountain Park after seeing how well everyone treated her while she was a patient.

“My son is now 15-years old and he has been seeing Dr. Carter for six years,” she told us. “I love Dr. Carter because he really is the best. I have my full trust in him and his care.”

Jazmin and her husband are both Mountain Park patients, and all five of their children were all delivered by our team.

Jennifer Allen delivered my last two babies,” Jazmin said. “Everything is always so great, in terms of patient care. My visits are quick and everyone is kind—they always greet you and know who you are when you enter the clinic.”

Because of the care she’s received over the years, Jazmin wants to make sure her whole family is taken care of at Mountain Park.

“I already got my sister-in-law and husband to be patients here, but I still have to work on my brothers and mom,” she said laughing.

Jazmin celebrates her graduation from our Bootcamp Program.

Becoming a Part of Our Team
When Jazmin was a child, her dream was to be a nurse. She’s had a busy life as a mom of five, but that didn’t stop her in taking her first step and becoming a medical assistant. She got her education at Brown Mackie College and proceeded to take the steps to become a part of Mountain Park’s Bootcamp Program.

“I learned about our Bootcamp Program through a friend that used to work here and was instantly interested in it,” she told us. “I sent my resume in and the rest is history. I’m so happy that I was able to be a part of the program and get hired. Sarah-Michelle is such a good instructor. She showed us what to do and brought good people to demonstrate and teach the ways of Mountain Park.”

Our month-long Bootcamp program prepares a group of medical assistants for working in our organization. Every day of the program is like an interview process to make sure there is a good fit between them and their provider and many participants receive a position with Mountain Park after completion. At the end of the program each MA is placed with a doctor and a team is formed.

“Working here is so great because everyone is a part of a team, everyone gets along and the doctors and other team members are great. My team is the best,” she told us laughing. “We get along and communicate and we work efficiently together. Dr. Mangat is really the best doctor that anyone can work for.”

If you are interested in our Bootcamp Program or want to become a part of our team, check out our career page.

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