How Mountain Park Has Given Me the Opportunity to Grow

November 07, 2017 |

“Before coming to Mountain Park Health Center, I was working at a Subway across the street from the Maryvale Clinic trying to make ends meet and support my family,” shared Israel Aldama, an Administrative Assistant at our Tempe and Maryvale clinics. “I remember seeing people from Mountain Park during lunch. One day I asked what Mountain Park was and knew right away that is where I wanted to work.”

Israel began his career at Mountain Park in 2012, and has worked as a greeter, customer service representative and in our supply and receiving department before taking on his most recent role. Since 2014, he has been an Administrative Assistant at our Maryvale and Tempe clinics helping our operation directors.

“I’m always learning, and I want to continue doing that,” he said. “Mountain Park has given me the opportunity to grow. Every time I wanted to try something new, I have been encouraged to do so.”

Like many people, Israel he has always wanted to succeed and make an impact. And he is able to do that on a daily basis at Mountain Park.

“Israel has a great work ethic,” said Alexis Williams, Administrative Assistant at our Baseline Clinic. “No matter what the situation, he always has a positive attitude and is determined to make things happen. Our operation directors are so busy and have hectic schedules so it’s nice having someone to work and communicate with that I can depend on.”

Hidden Talents
Israel is a creative person and loves all forms of art. From music and painting to interior design, he doesn’t shy away from any of it. He has Bob Ross to thank for inspiring him to paint, and his parents for introducing him to music at an early age.

Israel - Mountain Park staff
Israel loves coming to work because he gets the opportunity to learn new things every day.
Israel with other Mountain Park staff working on a design project
Israel got to use his design talents working on a project at his church.

Israel spent time at The Art Institute and has been able to put his artistic talents to work.

“Recently, my sister bought a house and gave me freedom to design the inside of it,” he shared. “It was a lot of fun and I’m glad she let me do it.”

Israel and his wife Juanita live in the West Valley and are always surrounded by family. With five sisters, seven brothers, and 45 nieces and nephews, “Christmas time is a circus,” he tells us, “but it’s always a memorable circus.”

“Nine of my siblings are in the Phoenix area,” he said. “We are a very close family and we try to spend as much time together as we can.”

Mountain Park is known for opening the doors to our community. Whether you are a patient or looking for a career, our commitment to making lives better expands beyond healthcare. Our staff is constantly empowered by management to grow and develop their skills. Many of our team members started in one position, but with hard work and dedication were able to move into more advanced roles.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, check out our career page!

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