Positivity Breeds Positivity

September 30, 2019 |

A smile can go a long way. Just ask Olga Enriquez, customer service representative at our Maryvale Clinic. For the last 15 years, Olga has been helping ensure Mountain Park patients get the best service possible. During that time, she has worn many hats, but her favorite thing to do is work with our patients.

“We offer our patients so much and I love telling them about our resources and everything we can do for them,” Olga said.

Olga started her career with us in 2005 in medical records and stayed in that position for a year. From there she went into eligibility for five years before becoming a customer service representative.

“I’m a caring person and I like to help people,” Olga said. “The medical field is my passion and I feel like this is where I need to be.”

Olga Enriquez with team
Olga and her team from Maryvale Family Practice enjoying Halloween during work.
Olga Enriquez
Olga celebrating her birthday at work.

Working in one of our biggest and busiest clinics can become overwhelming at times. So how does Olga keep her positive attitude when things get a little stressful? She says it’s her bond with our patients.

“I have a lot of tasks and priorities I need to get done within a specified time frame, and I have to do it while providing great customer service,” Olga said. “I’m able to do that because I care about our patients so much. I know a lot of them by name and they know my name, too.”

Olga’s positivity is infectious. “Olga is a great customer service representative. She is very attentive with our patients, always making them a priority. We enjoy having Olga as a part of our team,” said Paola Cole, operations manager for Maryvale family practice.

“I get a lot of positive feedback from our patients and staff,” Olga said. “It makes me feel good, like I’m doing my job well.”

Providing our patients with the best possible care isn’t the only thing Olga has in common with the organization. She also loves Halloween and has helped her department win our annual decoration contest six times!

Aside from our patients and Halloween, Olga says there’s plenty of other things that have kept her at Mountain Park for so long.

“I have really great coworkers,” she said. “Knowing how much Mountain Park has let me grow and made me feel part of community where we are all here for our patients, it makes me really proud.”

Outside of work Olga enjoys spending time with her husband, their two kids and three grand babies.

“Sunday’s are family days,” she said. “That’s when we all go out and have breakfast together and socialize. Family time is really important to us.”

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Olga with husband
Olga with her husband.