“That’s When I Got the Technology Bug”

March 16, 2021 | /

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Brittany and other members of the desktop support team play a vital role in ensuring all our technology is working properly so we can serve our patients. Without them, we’d be on our own trying to keep up with all the newest technology advances and keeping everything running properly. Brittany is a Desktop Support Specialist III and manages all the IT operations at our Baseline Clinic, ensuring everything is running properly.

Brittany has been with Mountain Park since July 2018 and if you call 3000, she might be the person who answers your call. “I’m here to support the staff,” said Brittany. “I work on issues with the Internet, printers, I’m here to help with any technology the staff uses.”

Brittany first became interested in technology when she was in high school. “I built my first computer when I was about 16,” she said. “That’s when I got the technology bug.” A passion for art also helped fuel Brittany’s interest in technology. “I’m huge into photography and I have a collection of old film cameras,” she said.

But her love for the arts doesn’t stop with photography. “I also have a huge vinyl collection and I was actually first introduced to technology through music,” Brittany said. “I remember seeing an old record player at my grandma’s house and that’s what sparked my interest.”

Brittany’s passion for the arts combined with her interest in technology has given her an appreciation for the simpler things. “I’m an analog girl in a digital world,” she said. “My love for all things old school stems from information technology.”

Brittany Young

Love for music is something Brittany shares with her family. “I was hanging out with my nieces and nephew recently and one of them just started beatboxing,” she said. “I’ve never taught them how to beatbox, but my niece said she got it from me. You don’t realize how much kids pay attention.”

Even though Brittany’s main interest is in older tech, it’s important to her to stay up-to-date on all the new stuff coming out and becoming familiar with it. “I’m a huge perfectionist,” she said. “I’m really thorough with my work. I always follow up and want to be as helpful as possible.”

“Brittany takes on any challenge. She puts each user at ease and always makes herself available. She is a tremendous asset to our IT team,” said IT Service Desk Manager Stacy Bowdish.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on all of our lives, Brittany’s included. “I recently lost my older sister,” said Brittany. “It’s made me appreciate people and the beauty of their differences more. It’s important to accept people for who they are and appreciate what they bring to the table.”

That appreciation for what makes us all different is part of the reason Brittany loves working for Mountain Park. “I love the diversity. That’s probably the biggest thing that drew me to this organization, how diverse everyone is,” she said. “We have people from different backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations. It’s great how open the organization is. That’s what I enjoy most. I also love how the leadership in IT is supportive of everyone on the team.”

She also likes the opportunities she’s been able to take advantage of while here. “Recently I attended women in tech conference which was amazing… being able to meet different women with the same background as me,” Brittany said.

Thank you Brittany for bringing all your skills and talents to Mountain Park!

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