Two Sisters Join Forces to Volunteer with Mountain Park

February 09, 2018 |

The “Why I Volunteer” Series

Our volunteers are passionate about their communities and recognize the role Mountain Park Health Center plays in keeping their family and neighbors healthy. They give their time, energy and hard work to encourage others to stay healthy and share difference we make in our patients’ lives.

At only 11 and 13 years old, sisters Ailene and Illianya are two of our most dedicated volunteers. They join us on their days off from school and in between homework assignments to help their community learn about all we do and keep it our clinics and surrounding areas beautiful. They’ve spent weekends cleaning parks, painting schools and volunteering at our Annual Run/Walk events. Together they have volunteered over 100 hours!

A love for Mountain Park runs in the family. Ailene and Illianya’s mom Marivel is one of our care coordinators, working to help our patients schedule preventive visits before problems arise. She shared her desire to help others with her daughters from a very young age.

We chatted with both girls and they shared why they love volunteering with Mountain Park.

Our CEO, Dr. John Swagert, and Illianya at our 2017 Run/Walk at Kiwanis Park.

Ailene and Illianya joined us at our third annual Charity Pie Event and helped spread the word about what we do.

Q. Why do you give your time to help Mountain Park?
Ailene: I know how it feels when you just need people to listen and care. When my sister and I volunteer we enjoy the feeling we get when we see the people we met leave with a smile on their faces.
Illianya: The feeling of helping others brings warmth to my heart and I love learning from new experiences.

Q. Why does volunteering matter in our community?
Ailene: I believe that volunteering matters because there are many people who need a little something to keep their mind of all the stuff happening in the world today. When we volunteer it makes our community better because we get to inspire others to volunteer.
Illianya: Volunteering matters in our community because it allows people a brief reprieve from the stress of their current situation. It allows them to be in a position to help themselves in the long run.

Q. What was your favorite day volunteering with us?
Ailene: My favorite day was at the World Bazaar because I got to talk to people from different countries and they gave me a lot of information about where they are from. I really enjoyed learning about them and was able to teach them about me too!
Illianya: My favorite day volunteering was the day we went to the Aloha Festival. I was able to encourage others to participate in physical fitness and empower them to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and thus reward them with a lei.

Q. What do you look forward to each time you volunteer?
Ailene: I look forward to seeing different things and people. Whenever I imagine going to a new place I always think of all the fun games, activities and people I will get to be around.
Illianya:I look forward to meeting new people from many different cultures and backgrounds. It also helps me overcome my fear of public speaking.

Q. What have you learned from volunteering?
Ailene: I have learned how to respect people deeper. Even if they believe or look different than me, I’ve learned how to respect their beliefs.
Illianya: Volunteering has taught me that we are able to appreciate the inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures.

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Ailene and Illianya, thank you both for all you do for Mountain Park, our patients and the entire community. We love seeing your smiling faces helping us make this world a better, more inclusive place.

Ailene and Illianya as MPHC volunteers
Ailene and Illianya started volunteering thanks to their mom, Marivel, who works with us.