Bringing Specialized Care to Mom and Baby

December 01, 2017 |

Mountain Park Health Center strives to provide our families with all the resources they need to stay healthy. We are a medical home that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the entire family. Our Care Teams of doctors, nurses, registered dietitians, clinical pharmacists, dentists and behavioral health consultants work together to help our patients manage their health and medical conditions.

This benefits all patients, including our pregnant moms. Pregnant women require special care for themselves and their unborn baby. With our integrated care, our patients have access to many providers all under one roof.

This August, we were able to add one more provider to our team. Dr. Monique Lin joined our team making Mountain Park the first general OB in the Valley that has a maternal-fetal specialist as part of the team.

Prior to Dr. Lin arriving, all of our pregnant moms who had a complicated pregnancy had to be referred out to a specialist outside of Mountain Park. Although we have built relationships with excellent external doctors, we knew that going outside of our medical home was at times difficult for our patients. We wanted to give our pregnant moms access to a doctor under our roof because we knew that establishing a relationship with a Care Team is important.

Family visiting Baseline Clinic
Our high-risk clinic is located in our Baseline Clinic.

Dr. Lin is able to provide our high-risk moms with the care they need at our Baseline Clinic to ensure a safe pregnancy.

Mother with her newborn baby at MPHC
Mountain Park focuses on the wellbeing of the entire family. 

“Right now we are doing high-risk ultrasounds, offering pregnant women diabetes classes and really focusing on the mom, the baby and the complexity of their pregnancy,” she shared. “Whether it’s complicated by a condition that the mom has or a medical condition with the baby, or both, we are making sure the mom and baby are headed toward a healthy delivery.”

Our mission of providing affordable healthcare is now available for moms who need a little extra attention.

“Many patients can’t go to a specialist because they really can’t afford it,” Dr. Lin said. “Plus, being integrated into the patient’s care makes a difference.”

We are expanding care to our pregnant moms by improving access and focusing on education. By keeping our patients in our own medical home, we are making them more comfortable and empowering them to improve the quality of their own care. Dr. Lin has a lot more planned for this growing program.

“We are setting ourselves up to be a leading OB clinic,” Dr. Lin said. “Mountain Park is such a valuable resource for our patients. We are doing so many amazing things, and I am proud to be offering important new services to our pregnant moms.”

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