Diverse Business Partners Help Eliminate Barriers

June 18, 2018 | /

Mountain Park Health Center serves a diverse community, and we take pride in the diversity of vendors, contractors and suppliers who help us achieve our mission.

From the beginning, we have supported small, local, minority and women-owned businesses because they reflect who we serve and what we do.  By reducing barriers to healthcare, we make the lives of our patients easier. Often, our unique business partnerships are what allow us to break down barriers that affect our patients daily.

Bromberg & Associates, a women-owned translating and interpreting service, aims to eliminate communication barriers between patients and their healthcare providers. By having someone to communicate within one’s native language, we can build trust and establish a solid relationship.

“Mountain Park has done an excellent job creating diversity in the entire organization,” President of Bromberg & Associates, Jinny Bromberg said. “They are always looking for ways to be innovative. Our relationship goes beyond the typical business to business relationship…we are a partnership and that is admired and appreciated.”

MPHC Partners with Americab
Through our partnerships, we are helping patients improve their health outcomes. 

Mountain Park and Bromberg began working together in 2014 by piloting over-the-phone interpreting and video remote interpreting in our clinics.

“Since, we have added document translation and in-person interpreting to alleviate some stress for the patients and providers,” Jinny added.

“Our relationship with Bromberg has grown over the years, and now they are able to help us communicate with patients in over 70 different languages,” said Rabah Radhi Alani, Language Access Manager. “By partnering with them, we are able to break down so many barriers for our patients. Our patients come to us because they know they can communicate with Mountain Park employees in a language that they can understand.”

MPHC Partner

Americab - MPHC Partner
Our partnership with AmeriCab has helped us get patients to their appointments on time.

There’s no surprise that patients who make it to their appointments see better health outcomes. Our providers are also better able to take care of our patients knowing who will show up and when. A solution was needed to help find options for those who had transportation issues.

AmeriCab Transportation Inc. is a local, Somali family-owned company that helps our patients get to their appointment on time. Patients who otherwise struggle with transportation know they have a safe and reliable way to make it to our clinics on time.

AmeriCab has been providing transportation services to patients at our Maryvale Clinic since June 2017. We recently teamed up with AmeriCab to serve our Baseline Clinic as well. At both locations, an AmeriCab driver is on hand whenever transportation services are needed.

“We are always readily available at the clinics for the patients,” Abdi Mohamed, President of AmeriCab said,

All AmeriCab drivers are CPR, HIPPA, first aid certified and bilingual. Our patients are comfortable on their way to and from our clinics since AmeriCab drivers speak Spanish, Arabic, Kiswahili, Somali, Tigrian and Amharic.

“Thanks to this partnership, our business has grown tremendously,” Abdi added. “It’s great working with an organization like Mountain Park because we can help the community together.”

“We realize that by supporting local businesses we are contributing toward the overall success of our community,” noted Richard Akowuah, Director of Supply Chain. “Our vendors’ employees are often patients themselves, coming from similar backgrounds, so it’s easy for them to understand the needs of our patients and community.”

We’ve embraced the fact that we can best meet the needs of our patients when we take the time to seek vendors from diverse backgrounds. These drives increased competition resulting in lower costs and higher quality of goods and services.

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