Fighting Like a Girl

May 21, 2018 |

At only 15-years old, Hermoine is the only girl on her boxing team. Her grandfather was a well-known boxer in Tucson in the 70s, and she dreams of following in his footsteps to fight professionally and raise her hand in victory at the end of every fight. Her family, coaches, teammates and her entire Care Team at Mountain Park Health Center have all supported her on the path to achieving this dream.

Hermoine has been a patient at Mountain Park for almost four years, where she works with Dr. Priya Vannarath to meet all of her health goals.

“Dr. Vannarath guides me on what I should be doing to improve myself, not only in boxing but in my overall health,” Hermoine said.

Hermoine undergoing physical exam
Hermoine comes to Mountain Park because she has a whole team of people caring for her.

One Punch at a Time

From running and jumping rope to practicing her aim on the boxing bag, Hermoine has been going to the boxing ring to train four days a week for the last two years. Even though boxing is a tough sport, it is everything for her.

“You are constantly in pain, but I love being in the ring,” she shared. “It’s a challenge to be the only girl on my team. Sometimes I don’t get to fight because nobody wants to hurt me, even if I’ve been training as hard as the boys.”

She is an inspiration to everyone in her family, but especially her little sister and cousins.

“I want to show them that I’m a girl in a male-dominated sport and as a girl, nothing is impossible,” she mentioned.

Hermoine and Dr. V

Turning Dreams into Plans

Hermoine has surprised friends, classmates and teammates with what she is capable of. They used to think a girl who practices boxing wouldn’t be interested in makeup, dresses or a quinceañera party, but she is.

“I took my quinceañera pictures at my boxing gym,” she said. “I was in the ring wearing my dress and my crown. Everybody at the gym was surprised to see me dressed up. I invited all my teammates, and they came to my party. We had a really good time. It was cool!”

As a sophomore at South Mountain High School, Hermoine has learned to manage her time at an early age. She knows homework comes first before training. Someday, she would like to attend UCLA, and she plans on getting her MBA.

A Future Champion at Mountain Park

Mountain Park patients like Hermoine come to us because we have an entire Care Team that looks after their health. At most visits, Hermoine sees her doctor, a medical assistant, a registered dietitian and a behavioral health consultant  to stay healthy from head to toe.

“Mountain Park is special because my mom and my aunt and a lot of people I know go here,” she added. “The staff is very friendly. The doctors come in and ask you how your day’s been going, and they make you feel welcome.”

Hermoine recognizes her Mountain Park doctor as an integral part of her team.

“Thank you Dr. Vannarath for being my doctor and making sure I’m ok when I get hurt or when I’m sick, and for telling me that everything is good with my health, so I can keep boxing.”

Hermoine and coach
With her coach’s help Hermoine hopes to fight professionally one day.

Hermoine has some great advice for every girl out there.

“You shouldn’t let anybody tell you what you can do,” she said. “You can do anything if you learn it and you put your mind to it. As long as you surround yourself with the right people and you stay focused, you’ll be able to do it.”

We are proud to help Hermoine achieve her dream of being a professional boxer. You’ve got this, Hermoine!

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