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Tackling Legal Problems at the Doctor’s Office

May 23, 2017 |

Our legal team is there to help our patients with many different legal cases.

Mountain Park is known for innovative programs that benefit all of our patients. This past year, we expanded our Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) Program to offer our patients and their families’ security and empowerment with various legal issues.

From landlord/tenant issues to sensitive family relations, we give our patients resources and information while protecting their privacy and confidentiality.

“It’s imperative for medical clinics to care about legal issues because a patient cannot get healthy if they are dealing with something that is affecting how they eat or how they sleep,” Vianey Olivarria, MLP Coordinator said.

Marlene has been utilizing our legal program to fight an employee discrimination case. 

From start to finish, our MLP team guides our patients through the legal process by giving them tips, advice and guidance on how to best speak for themselves in court. The program is totally free and available to our patients and any of their family members.

“Most of the time we are able to assist our patients with information and give them specific guidelines on how to fight their case,” Vianey said. “Once we see a situation where a patient isn’t able to self-represent or may need more legal advice than we can provide, we to refer them to our volunteer attorneys who can help for free or at an affordable cost.”

Our Care Teams focus on the patient’s whole health. By providing legal assistance, we are able to decrease stress and anxiety and provide them with peace of mind.

Patients can either be referred to us by one of our providers or they can come in on a walk-in basis.

Every Thursday, from 8 a.m. to noon at our Baseline Clinic, established Mountain Park patients can meet with one of our MLP team members and ask for legal guidance and clarity on any issue that they may be dealing with.

Marlene, a patient from our Baseline Clinic, has been utilizing our service to fight an employment discrimination case for two years.

“I learned about the free legal program that Mountain Park offers and went for my first meeting,” she shared. “They’ve been helping me this whole time, and without their help I would have had a difficult time fighting my case.”

Marlene is just one of many patients we have been able to help. We want to ensure our patients feel empowered to stand up and fight for their right.

Establishing yourself as a Mountain Park patient is the first step to having a legal guide at your fingertips.

Call us today to schedule an appointment (602) 243-7277.

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