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How We Help Our Patients with Diabetes Care

June 22, 2016 |

By Krystal Lundell, RD

A new diagnosis of diabetes can be intimidating. At Mountain Park, we strive to provide our patients with all the information necessary to take control of their health. During their first visit, patients meet with a registered dietitian to start them on the right track to diabetes care. Patients learn how to count carbohydrates; how to use their glucometer; how to plan balanced, healthy meals; and how to manage hunger without increasing blood glucose to an unhealthy level.

Our patients also meet with behavior health consultants who teach coping skills to help manage the stress that accompanies this new diagnosis, as well as a clinical pharmacist that helps them manage all the medications they are taking.

Our classes are held during the week and geared toward children and adults. 

Diabetes Education Classes
Another tool Mountain Park offers our patients is our Diabetes Education class. Classes are given in both English and Spanish at no cost to our patients at our Baseline, Gateway, Goodyear, Tempe and Maryvale clinics every Wednesday. Each month we start a four-course program that covers all aspects of diabetes—including medication, complications and healthy eating. The Diabetes Education class is designed to give practical information, tools and tips in addition to what has already been shared by their provider and their dietitian. Class participation helps patients feel part of a bigger community by connecting with other patients who are in the same situation. This group dynamic brings patients together and enables them to share their experiences of what works and how they have personally managed their diabetes. Behavior health, pharmacy and dental all work together with the dietitians to give patients a thorough overview of different aspects of health that are affected by diabetes.

How it all Comes Together
At Mountain Park, whole-patient care is the focus of our practice. Whether its diabetes or another condition, our care teams take pride in making sure we work together and give our patients the resources they need to lead a happy, healthy life. Having all medical professional in one room, eliminates barriers for our patients, like having to find a ride to a different appointment or a pharmacy. With our integrated Care Team, consisting of the registered dietitian, clinical pharmacist and behavioral health consultant, patients have all their questions answered in one appointment.

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Krystal Lundell, Registered Dietitian from our Baseline Clinic, has been a part of the Mountain Park family since 2015. She has always been passionate about nutrition and best ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her passion lies within diabetic care because she enjoys seeing her patients take control of their disease by altering how they eat.