Meet Constance and Love: Importance of a Great Doctor

September 01, 2016 |

Finding a doctor that respects your wishes and listens to your needs can be hard. We often hear our patients say that our doctors and nurses are extraordinary. In fact patients tell us that they would follow their Mountain Park doctor from clinic to clinic and would never let anyone take them away.

It’s wonderful to hear how much our patients love the Mountain Park family. Our whole healthcare team takes that extra step to provide each patient with undivided attention and takes the time to learn about them. They ask about their health, of course, but also want to know how school is going for the little ones, how their family is feeling or how their other doctors are treating them.

Constance and Love have been patients at Mountain Park for more than nine years. 

Meet the Martinez Family
Constance, Love and Antonio Martinez have been coming to Mountain Park for nine years. They first came to our Tempe Clinic and later moved to our Gateway Clinic in order to stay with Dr. Rachel Sy.

“When Dr. Sy left the Tempe Clinic I left with her and my family followed,” Constance told us. “Dr. Sy is excellent. Anyone who interacts with her will tell you she gives hands-on care and she listens.”

We’ve heard this statement on many occasions from our patients who often mention Dr. Sy’s name as a highlight of their experience.

Extra Love where it’s Needed
Love, Constance and Antonio’s daughter, is 35-years old and has healthcare needs that require special attention. Although our clinics are a one-stop-shop for primary healthcare services, there are some things that we do not specialize in. In those cases we refer our patients to the best specialists around.

“Love has diabetes,” Constance explained to us. “Besides making sure that she gets checked for her blood sugar, her feet, hands, and eyes become a specialty too. She also has a heart doctor and a neurologist.”

Dr. Sy makes it her priority to find the best care for Love and the rest of the Martinez family, extending beyond our clinic doors.

“Every doctor Dr. Sy has sent us to is a doctor we like and a doctor we have stuck with for the last six to seven years. You can’t ask for anything better,” Constance added.

The Importance of a Great Referral
Oftentimes it’s difficult enough to find a primary doctor that a person can trust, so the frustration often increases when the search for a specialist begins. At Mountain Park we work with highly rated specialty doctors and we find them for you!

We have an extensive list of specialists with whom we’ve developed relationships. Our medical team coordinates your care from start to finish, providing you the best possible match with any needed specialists.

One referral goes a long way. It keeps patients like Constance and Love coming back to us because they know they will not only get the best care in our clinic, but they will be sent to an equally respected doctor when the need arises.

“Mountain Park has changed my life for the better,” Constance told us. “Not only does Dr. Sy always help my daughter by referring her to the best doctors, she helps me. I whole heartedly want everyone out there to know Mountain Park is the place to come if you have any issues. They will take care of you with love, care and professionalism. This is the best place to be!”

Our care team works together to help you stay healthy. If you want to become a patient, call (602) 243-7277.