Meet Deborah, Patient at our Tempe Clinic

March 01, 2023 | /

Meet Deborah, a patient at our Tempe Clinic. Deborah has been a patient with us for more than 15 years. She first started coming to us when we were still located in Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital after being referred to our clinic from the ER and followed us to our new location on Broadway and McClintock.

“I hope I never have to go anywhere else,” said Deborah. “Mountain Park has been so wonderful to me.”

Like many of our patients, it’s our caring, compassionate staff that keeps Deborah coming back. “They never leave me hanging,” she said. “And they way they great me when I come in. Everyone waves and they tell me how much they appreciate how seriously I take my healthcare. Everyone treats me so well.”

As a long time, patient, Deborah has seen many of our providers and feels confident in all of their abilities to care for her.

“Sometimes I’ll get attached to a provider and a new one will come in, and that’s okay,” said Deborah. “My providers never just drop me. They let me know that I’ll be seeing someone new and it’s comforting to know that I’m getting handed off to someone who knows something about me.”

During her time with us, Deborah has made use of our many resources, including getting rides to her appointments, taking our nutrition classes, and even utilizing out Medical Legal Partnership Program.

“Jessica Sanchez [Medical Legal Partnership Coordinator] helped out with getting my paperwork done for my Power of Attorney,” Deborah said. “I was so amazed because I thought I’d have to go downtown and hire a lawyer, but I was able to get it done at Mountain Park and it’s such a relief.”

As Deborah is getting older, she says Mountain Park has made her and husband feel safe and cared for.

“I am 62 and my husband is 67 and we just have ourselves in our life,” she said. “As you get older, it can be scary, but Mountain Park has been such a staple and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

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