Corey Steinberg, MD

Meet Our Family Medicine Tempe Provider: Corey Steinberg, MD

April 01, 2020 |

After struggling with his health as a child and constantly being in and out of the hospital, Dr. Corey Steinberg knew he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

He now works as a family medicine provider at our Tempe Clinic and helps our community like his doctors helped him.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Our Family Medicine Tempe Provider: Corey Steinberg, MD

  1. Jack

    Dr. Steinberg is amazing. I am a member of the MPHC team but I am also one of Dr. Steinberg’s patients, and am so grateful for his level of care and caring.

  2. Amandalynne

    The comprehensive care depicted looks like what I am looking for in respect to my 15 year old daughter, nearly 17 year old son, and also myself. I am looking for care that simply makes sense, if you will. A care that addresses the matters at hand in a non biased or fearing manner. Simply from a place of recognition, which is where I see any “greater health journey” to begin.

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