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Treating Our Patients Like Family

April 17, 2017 |

A visit to the doctor isn’t something we look forward to. We go when we’re sick, need a prescription refill, or an annual checkup. For many of our patients at Mountain Park, going to the doctor is more than a chore. For many, it’s like visiting a wise family member that cares about your overall well-being and your everyday life.

Maria Kramer, a mom of four boys and two girls, has been coming to Mountain Park for almost 20 years. Maria’s journey with us began when she was pregnant with her second child, Edgar.

“I was looking for a place where I could be respected and wanted to make sure my children would be well taken care of,” Maria told us.

After having Edgar she decided to continue coming regularly for her health and wellness needs. As time went on she developed a close relationship with one of our Pediatricians, Dr. Donald Carter.

Maria has been bringing her children to Mountain Park for close to 20 years. 

Dr. Carter has been caring for Maria and countless other families at Mountain Park for the past 12 years. Back then, Maria would visit our Maryvale Clinic where Dr. Carter practiced, and when he moved to our Baseline Clinic, she followed.

“I developed trust in Dr. Carter and decided that I would continue coming to Mountain Park regularly,” Maria shared.

Maria’s family continued growing, and all of her children—except for her oldest—were delivered by one of our providers. As the children grew, the Kramer family continued to see Dr. Carter, who cared for them like his own family.

“He would not only care for the health of my children, but he cared about how they were doing in school and their home life,” Maria expressed.

Her children created their own connection with Dr. Carter and would look forward to seeing him during their regular doctor visits.

“I remember my children praising him to their friends in school and telling them excitedly that they were going to see Dr. Carter,” she recalled. “They would make drawings for him and bring them to the appointment. He has never forgotten any of my kids’ names and always refers to them in a caring way.”

Mountain Park primary care providers coordinate with our behavioral health consultants, registered dietitians, clinical pharmacists and dentists to help our patients be healthy from head to toe.

“If there is ever a problem with my children at school or in their personal lives I am referred to a counselor or psychologist so that I can get the help my children need,” Maria mentioned.

We go above and beyond for our patients and we don’t just treat the symptoms. We treat the whole family.

“The family can end up receiving many different services in just one visit,” Roseanna Martinez, Operations Director at our Baseline Clinic said. “That’s why I love working for Mountain Park. I feel that we have the opportunity to touch lives every day.”

Maria and her children continue to see Dr. Carter for their care whenever an illness or problem arises and continue the relationship they have developed over the years.

“Other doctors at other places are not the same,” Maria added. “Mountain Park is my second home and I appreciate the care that they have provided to my family.”

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