MPHC Team using telehealth to improve patient engagement

Using Technology to Improve Patient Engagement

March 27, 2017 |

It’s been a year since our Patient Engagement team was formed in order to help Mountain Park better serve our patients through the use of technology. The Patient Engagement Team, made up of staff from all of our clinics, recognizes that for us to interact with our patients in the ways that are most convenient for them, technology is the key.

To date, Mountain Park has rolled out a number of new features that make it easier for our patients to take control of their own health.

  • We now send text message no-show alerts to our patients instead of a mailed letter that would have taken days to receive. This frees up time for our staff, and more importantly, helps ensure our patients don’t miss important appointments.
  • Patients also receive dental text alerts, reminding them about important upcoming preventive treatments. This new feature ensures patients get timely reminders when they’re due for routine checkups so they don’t fall behind.
  • Our new eMessenger helps us efficiently contact patients, also with a text, for various reasons including referral reminders, requests to contact our scheduling department or specific provider, and notifications letting patients know that their prescription was sent to a specified pharmacy.
Lina, Somali Case Manager at our Gateway Clinic, helps a patient test out the new system. 
Our employees have been trained to help patients have a smooth transition to electronic check-in. 

Electronic Check-in System Launched

One of our largest projects has been implementing the electronic check-in system at all of our clinics.

Instead of waiting in line to see a Customer Service Representative to check in, patients can now use our iPads to manage the check-in process themselves. This decreases check in times and provides increased accuracy and privacy for our patients. Patients can verify their own information, such as name, address, date of birth and insurance information, and are ready to see their healthcare provider in less than 30 seconds.

Looking Ahead

Our goal is to continue making access to healthcare even easier for our patients. This year we will begin using our iPads to allow patients to fill out various forms and we will be able to collect copays and other payments during check in.

We are also looking forward to utilizing our Patient Portal more and more in the coming months. With our new and easy-to-use app, using our Patient Portal on the go is a breeze. It’s a valuable resource, allowing to view lab results, order prescriptions and much more.

Our Patient Portal also makes it easier, and quicker, for our patients to communicate directly with their doctors between appointments. Our current communication process can sometimes be frustrating for patients as messages can get lost and they may face delays. Using our Patient Portal allows patients to log on in seconds from anywhere in the world and directly message their healthcare team.

Look for Mountain Park to continue rolling out more technology-rich features for our patients. Just like the technology around us, we keep moving forward every day!

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