Join our Behavioral Health Team!

July 12, 2021 |

Hello potential applicant,

I have worked here for 6 years and continue to be amazed how our team comes together to provide everyone in our community with access to quality healthcare through every stage of life. Our patients come from many different backgrounds and I’ll be very honest with you – the work we do is not easy. We serve patients and communities who are under resourced and are impacted by many social determinants of health. I can tell you just as honestly that the work we do is extremely rewarding. Our patients have access to an entire Care Team, including registered dietitians, clinical pharmacists, medical providers and behavioral health consultants. By working as an integrated team we have been able to improve our patients outcomes both physically and mentally.

We also work together to help resolve the issues our communities face.

Just last month, our behavioral health team met with a single mother, who recently had a liver transplant. She was experiencing anxiety, facing extreme financial hardship, food insecurity, and multiple specialists visits. She saw a behavioral health consultant to assess and treat her anxiety, a registered dietitian to help with nutritional planning, (we also provided food bags for her family) and we scheduled her with our Medical Legal Partnership team, to assist with the application to Social Security disability. We will be following up with her as well, to ensure she is getting the services needed. This is a great example of our Integrated Healthcare team working together to help our patients meet their goals.

Being part of the Mountain Park team means working in a unique integrated healthcare system where everyone works together to help our patients.

As the Director of Integrated Behavioral Health Services, you have my word that should you join the team, I will be here to support you along the way, to advocate for you, and to help create an environment where you feel proud of the work you do and you’ll be energized by it.

Every day is different at Mountain Park and it all ties into our mission to provide affordable primary care to all.

Once again, thank you for your interest!

Nancy Hagener

Please take a moment to watch one of our behavioral health consultants in action. This will give you a glimpse of the positive impact you could be making every day in our clinics.

Nancy Hagener, PsyD
Director of Integrated Behavioral Health Services

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