Meet George Reed

October 28, 2022 | /

Meet George Reed, senior EHR training specialist. George is part of the Clinical Applications Team and onboards and trains all our new adult medicine and pediatric providers on our electronic health records software.

“Although I don’t work directly with our patients, I really enjoy the role I get to play in patient care,” said George. “The better I can train our providers, the more efficiently they can utilize the system, the better care they provide our patients.”

“George is an integral part of our team. He took on the adult and pediatric provider onboarding with ease,” said Amy Nuñez, director of EHR systems & training. “His team-approach in problem solving enhances his effectiveness as our senior trainer and creates an environment where others trust his leadership. George is competitive, especially with himself, which drives his initiative and ability to master anything he sets out to do!”

Working in the medical field wasn’t always a part of George’s plans, but as soon as he visited Mountain Park for the first time. He knew this was home.

“When I was first joining the team, they had me meet them at the Baseline Clinic,” said George. “As we walked around the clinic, I was so impressed that literally everyone said hello. This organization is really people driven and I love that.”

That people first mentality is also a big part of George’s home life. He’s the youngest of four kids and father to two of his own and really values family time.

“I’m a homebody,” said George. “I like to hang out at home with my wife and my daughters.” The familial bond is evident in the relationship between his daughters, Jaylah and Gianna, who also share a middle name.

“My oldest daughter really wanted a baby sister,” explained George. “When my second daughter was born, she was so excited and asked if her middle name could be Imani too. So, they have the same middle name.”

George is passionate about his family, but he is also passionate about his race. “I try to represent my race and represent my family the best that I can,” he said. “I have an opportunity to be an example to a young person of a Black man that goes against some of those negative stereotypes. I get to be a positive influence.”

When Mountain Park took a stand during the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, George was even more proud to be an employee here. “You have to stand up against injustice,” he said. “Whether it’s in the justice system or in healthcare.”

That pride for the organization is part of what motivates George in his work. “My manager and director have done so much for me; they’ve shown me that they care about me as a person,” George said. “Because I know they care for me, I don’t want to let them down. I want to ease their stress and give them the confidence that I got this. The people that I work for make it really, really easy for me to do my job.”

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