Meet Maegan Burris

October 28, 2022 | /

One of the things that makes Mountain Park Health Center such a great medical home for our patients is all the services we offer under one roof, including our pharmacies. Our pharmacists, like Maegan Burris, pharmacy manager for our Maryvale Clinic, work with our patients and help ensure they get their medications before they ever leave the clinic.

“Being able to get our patient’s their medications the same day of their appointments really helps with getting them to adhere to the health plan they made with their provider,” said Maegan.

The convenience of getting their medications in the same place and on the same day of their appointment isn’t the only benefit our pharmacies offer our patients. At Mountain Park we are part of the 340B Drug Pricing Program which helps our patients get their medications at an affordable price.

“A lot of times our patients are having to choose between buying groceries or getting their medications,” said Maegan. “With the 340B Drug Discount Program we’re able to get them their medications at a much more affordable price so they aren’t having to make that decision.”

Maegan first became interested in medicine during her time working with children with special needs during high school and college.

“A lot of the children I worked with had to take a lot of different medications,” she said. “Seeing the impact, the medications had on their lives really sparked my interest.” After some experience working in a pharmacy, Maegan decided to go to school for it and it has become her passion.

“I love being a pharmacist,” she said. “Whenever I speak to potential pharmacy students, I always tell them how much I love my job. I’m an especially big advocate for working in nonprofit.”

Maegan particularly enjoys being at Mountain Park because of the integrated healthcare model and her ability to collaborate with providers.

“Even though we have our sliding fee scale and the 340B Drug Discount Program, we still run into situations where patients can’t afford their medications sometimes,” Maegan said. “Because we’re able to work directly with the providers, we can discuss different medication options to make things more affordable for our patients and get immediate feedback. It’s a major benefit of being in the same place.”

“Maegan embodies Mountain Park’s guiding principles by making time for human connection throughout the organization and with our patients,” said Mary Soto, Associate Director of Pharmacy. “Her work focuses on advocating on what is best for our patients and how we can help them succeed at achieving their health care goals.”

In addition to being passionate about her career, Maegan is very proud of her family.

“Being a blended family, the relationship I have with my step-daughters and the relationships they have with their little brothers is the most important thing to me,” she said. “We’ve worked very hard to have these strong connections and I’m really proud of that.”

When she’s not working, Maegan enjoys volunteering. “I’ve volunteered with the Special Olympics for years and years,” she said. “It’s something I’d really like to get my kids involved in.”

Maegan’s love and passion for her family is something that translates into her work. She is not only a major advocate for her patients, but also for her staff.

“I will go to bat for my staff,” Maegan said. “I genuinely care about them and want to know how they are doing both at work and in their personal lives. I believe if they are happy and well taken care of, they will in turn take better care of our patients.”

Maegan’s love and passion for her job, our patients, staff and Mountain Park is undeniable! Thank you for everything you do Maegan!

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