MPHC Team welcomes its First Three Triplets

Our High-Risk Clinic Welcomes its First Set of Triplets

February 06, 2019 |

When DeAnna and Dusty found out they were expecting their first child, they knew they had to find a medical home that would be the best fit for their growing family. They discovered Mountain Park through word of mouth and began their prenatal journey with us.

Shortly after, they found out that they would be a family of five, not just three! DeAnna, shocked and excited by the news, needed a Care Team more than ever that would help her along the way, and be there to support and educate her about the changes her body would be going through over the nine months of her pregnancy.

DeAnna and Dusty visit our Tempe Clinic for their pediatric visit.
DeAnna and Dusty visit our Tempe Clinic for their pediatric visit.

“We were very excited to take care of DeAnna and were very confident that not only would the medical aspects of her care be well met at Mountain Park, but also other important things that we pride ourselves on like our nutritionists and behavioral health specialists that work together to give her the best care possible through her pregnancy,” Dr. Monique Lin, Perinatologist said.

Dr. Lin came to Mountain Park in 2017 and opened our high-risk clinic, allowing us to help keep our pregnant moms who required specialized care with us throughout their pregnancy.

“It’s really important to have a specialist on site that can help high-risk, or multiple birth patients through their pregnancy,” Dr. Lin said. “Starting over with a new doctor can be difficult, especially if you have established a good relationship with your current Care Team.”

In the months leading up to the triplets’ birth, DeAnna was given all of the resources she needed without leaving our clinic doors.

“It was actually a relief to be able to see my babies grow healthy and strong on a regular basis,” DeAnna said. “As a new mom, sometimes you don’t know what to expect and sometimes it’s difficult to wait, but with the staff here I always felt reassured.”

The staff at Baseline 303 eagerly awaited the babies’ arrival because they were the first set of triplets to be born to a Mountain Park family since the start of the high-risk clinic.

“As a high-risk doc I always think of myself as having two patients; I have a mama that I have to take care of and I have a baby that is also my patient and in no other specialty is that the case, so we are very privileged in what we do,” Dr. Lin said.

Juniper, Ezra and Elijah were each born a minute apart on the Fourth of July at Banner University Medical Center and our Care Team was on-hand to assist with the entire process.

“Every doctor who was there for the delivery came in and introduced themselves to us and told me what they do, which I thought was really cool because there were a lot of people there that day,” DeAnna said.

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Juniper, Ezra, and Elijah are the first triplets born at Mountain Park.
Juniper, Ezra, and Elijah are the first triplets born at Mountain Park.

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    My wife and I sink that this is an excellent medical collective in order
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  2. Jan

    Awesome! 3 little ones. I am a proud long time Client Customer of Mt Park.
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    Great! Job. I am a Client/ Patient Customer of Mountain Park. have been for sometime…☺ Great job on the Triplets.

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